Download MapQuest Free Android 3.1 tablet Apps 2011

There are many reasons why many people use MapQuest Apps. In addition to inform key locations, MapQuest can provide a targeted route planning, allowing you to get detailed maps for your location. MapQuest also serves to find the best hotel location is important as where you live, tell the stores with expensive and cheap price, even giving details of where the most delicious food in the city you live. And now comes Map Quest for Android phones.

Know where you will go

There are so many ways to find the best route, travel plans or just get a clue. MapQuest offers voice guidance, turn-by-turn navigation. You just set your destination location and MapQuest will tell you when to turn. This feature can also work with a list of contacts on your device. So you will quickly receive directions to the house of your friend or friend of your business. And if you turn route, then the MapQuest will automatically update the location tailored to your route. So you do not have to worry if you get lost. Equipped with a map that you can understand easily.

Know as Much as Possible About the Area

MapQuest Android Apps Toolbar comes with a map that allows you to see the nearest shops, delicious restaurants, attractions, museums and much more. Also in this application to provide other services that interest you. There CitySearch feature that serves to provide or find the location in accordance with proper instructions, hours of operation, types of payment accepted and reviews customer. allows you to manage your favorite place and they will always be there when every time you do a search.

Walk or Drive

MapQuest offers travel and driving directions right in a way that you choose. If you want to tour to places of interest, MapQuest is equipped with a map that allows you to see places of interest. So please try it yourself, because this application you can download for free.

  • Equipped with google voice guidance and direction of features that can show where you will go
  • Provide re-routing is possible if you are wrong in a turn, then the MapQuest will tell you where in the right direction.
  • Choose to walk or drive, you will get the best route either way
  • Includes live-traffic and incident reporting to help keep you on time - traffic coverage is updated every five minutes


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